Color Grading

The best grading is often grading you don’t notice directly. It’s a subtle way to bring the viewer in the right mood for a film by digitally manipulating the colours and brightness of the image.

Family films for example often have a warm and saturated grading, for the fun look, whereas horror films often have a cold and desaturated grading.

Grading is used in corporate videos and commercials to guide extra attention towards the product in question. Productional issues like mediocre lighting or incorrectly coloured props or clothes on set can also often be resolved with the help of grading.

Needless to say colour grading is a very flexible and multi-applicable tool to bring you films to a higher level. Below are some examples of shots before and after grading, to give an impression of its added value.

  1. KRUX Graded vs Ungraded

  2. Stichting Alzheimer Graded VS Ungraded

  3. Draadloos Ungraded VS Graded